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Price $75.00

Raspberry Pi, LCG  and case


Integrating both a LCD display and a rotary enocder, the PiLCD provides a convienent and compact way for the Raspberry Pi to interact with  users.  Interfacing to Raspberry Pi via the wiringPi library, the 16x2 LCD display combined with the rotary encoder to give your Raspberry Pi project a power user interface beyond simple LEDs and push buttons.

Orginally conceived as an user interface gateway for Lego Mindstorms robots for science museum deployment.  The PiLCD has found other uses such as IP display for a private WAP or a web access server for the PiMSO project.


full kit
PiLCD kit Raspberry Pi not included


PiLCD Kit includes: precision lasercut enclosure, fully tested PCB with LCD and rotary encoder switch $75